Monday, April 10, 2006

Blessed Weekend

How great it is to be able to celebrate my two birthdays over the weekend? Especially in the company of my loved ones?

Let me explain why the heck I would have two birthdays.

1. My human birthday fell on Saturday.
2. My spiritual birthday fell on Sunday (Baptism).

It was really great that I managed to spend my real birthday with my family and gf despite my hectic schedule. And once again, my sis laid out the big bucks so that I can enjoy a truly wonderful lunch. It's just a waste that the weather was so hot and thus un-cooperative, forcing us to sit inside rather than outside al-fresco style.

Dinner was also great! My fellow companion in turtlehood brought me out for a dinner by the river at Clarke Quay. (thankfully, the lighting was adequate for me to read the birthday card with the wonderfully done cursive script - oh, and I shan't elaborate on what she got for me heh.)

Sunday was another monumental event for me. Baptism. Am really blessed to have a supportive cell with brothers and sisters who came for the service and prayed for us.

Was also very happy that my sis and especially my mum, as well as cousin, close friends attending my baptism.

God bless and I pray that He will work into the hearts of all those we term as "pre-believers".

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Anonymous said...

wow! that calls for a double celebration, dear friend.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and praise God for your baptism. :D